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The ritual of making a cup of matcha is a meditative experience. The tools we use heighton our senses, demanding a deeper awareness. How often do we see a vessel that ignites an excitement for coloring a daily routine. The first step into a matcha ritual comes with choosing a tool to enhance the process. Space is another important element of setting a calm tone. Creating that special nook in your kitchen with our matcha sets and custom pieces, adds another layer of novelty to your tea break. A dedicated space to be present. 

We offer two custom Aikenka Matcha Kits. Our Complete Matcha Kit has everything you need to make the perfect cup. A roomy glass tea bowl for enough whisking space to get a beautiful layer of froth, with a spout to avoid green drips all over the counter. We believe a bamboo whisk will always be the best way to make clump-free matcha. It’s also a vital part of the traditional experience. We’ve included a whisk holder to air out the bamboo tines and preserve the shape. A bamboo scoop to measure with your heart, and a strainer to ensure the smoothest cup. Our Essential Matcha Kit is perfect for travel, a gift, or new matcha drinkers. This basic matcha set is a perfect entry into the beautiful world of matcha tea.

Aikenka individual whisks are also for sale, as well as a few of the limited quantity Komakichi Kubo whisks. We have sourced the Kubo whisks to share the impressive work of these schools with our community. The time and care put into these matcha whisks is a rare tradition today, and these stem from one of the oldest makers in Japan.


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