Cathy Terepocki

Ceramic Artist

Cathy Terepocki, Aikenka Matcha

What is your morning ritual?

Since the kids are back to school I'll talk about my Fall routine. Coffee (French press), make lunches for the kids, some kind of exercise that I can do from home or close to home, these days Pilates or trail running. Get a load of laundry hung outside, check my email, and aim to get to the studio by 9:30 or 10.

Cathy Terepocki Studio, Aikenka Matcha

How do you get into a creative headspace?

The best way for me to get into a creative headspace is just to get my hands dirty and make work. My work and ideas are fairly process and materials driven so I think of ideas as I'm making, as my hands are in the clay and usually one thing leads to another. It's also helpful to be around other creatives to share ideas and be inspired.

Cathy Terepocki Studio, Aikenka Matcha

What makes you feel the most present?

I would say movement like running or dancing and throwing on the wheel are things that make me feel the most present. I usually try to work without music or any distractions for at least an hour or two everyday and just be with my thoughts (and bird sounds!) and be in the moment as much as possible.

Cathy Terepocki Studio, Aikenka Matcha

What is your favourite part about living in Chilliwack?

My favourite part of living where I live is the access to the forest and river without getting in a car. I try to take advantage of that daily in some way. A five minute dip or a short walk in the woods at the very least.

Cathy Terepocki Studio, Aikenka Matcha